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ACS Technologies Privacy & Security Policy

ACS Technologies Privacy & Security Policy

ACS Technologies Group, Inc.'s privacy and security policy covers all corporate and divisional information gathering and dissemination practices. THIS POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE FROM TIME TO TIME SO PLEASE CHECK BACK PERIODICALLY.  ACS Technologies will not release, sell, or rent the personally identifiable information of its clients or prospects.  We comply with all United States state and federal privacy and security laws.

1.  Hosted & Web-Based Services
2.  Data Services
3.  Promotional / Marketing Services

1.  Hosted & Web-Based Services

This section highlights our privacy practices for clients of ACS Technologies hosted and Web-based services and covers the following points:

  • What personally identifiable information is collected and how the information is used
  • With whom the personally identifiable information may be shared
  • How privacy policy changes are communicated
  • What choices are available to you regarding the communication you receive from us
  • How you can correct any inaccuracies in your hosted services registration information
  • The kind of security procedures that are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under ACS Technologies’ control.  If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact ACS Technologies Client Support at 1.800.669.2509.

Information Collection & Use

Several of ACS Technologies solutions require the client to use a Web-based registration form for clients to activate their service. We collect client contact information (such as first name, last name, phone number, email address, and username). Contact information from the registration form is used to create records in our database(s) that are necessary to establish the service, send information related to updates and revisions, and inform the client about pertinent information of their service.

ACS Technologies maintains the right to email/contact active clients for the purpose of administering services. For operational purposes, records created in some of our databases include the establishment of a password used in conjunction with the service username. Upon registration, username and password are communicated by email to the email address given on the registration form.

Client Forums

ACS Technologies is not responsible for any personal identification information that clients disclose through the use of ACS Technologies services or online forums. ACS Technologies strongly discourages forum participants from including personal identification information in their interaction with other clients.


ACS Technologies may share personally identifiable information with our partners for the purpose of providing the service. For example, we may use an outside shipping company or a credit card processing company to bill users for goods and services. We may partner with other parties to provide specific services. When a client places an order or signs up for a service, names or other contact information that is necessary to provide these services may be shared between the parties. These parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing their specific service(s).

ACS Technologies does reserve the right to analyze the data in order to provide a better client experience and overall solution.

Notification of Changes

If any changes are to be made in the privacy or security practices for our hosted and Web-based solutions, we will, 30 days prior to the changes taking effect, send a notification to the email address on record for the client and post the changes in our privacy statement on our corporate Web page.


ACS Technologies provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving promotional communications from us. However, we maintain the right to communicate with active users about their account.


ACS Technologies provides their clients with the means for maintaining an up-to-date client profile. Maintaining accurate records regarding the client's account information is vital to the security of the service. Clients are required to notify ACS Technologies promptly of any changes in the information provided for their service registration. Registration information can be updated by contacting the ACS Technologies Support Team at 1.800.669.2509 or by visiting your ACS Technologies client portal Web page. Access to this website is secured by username and password.


The following are overviews of ACS Technologies; security protection measures in place:

Account and Data Protection

  • Your account is password protected.
  • Individual account usernames are unique.
  • Access to your account is limited to key support individuals and all change requests are logged.
  • On occasion, clients who use ACS Technologies services may ask support individuals to retrieve their data from the server for purposes of supporting the services. While we strive to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible, security measures are taken into consideration. In these cases, clients must provide documented authorization approving these requests. Support individuals may use the username and password to retrieve the data.
  • As representatives of ACS Technologies, support individuals are bound to the Service Agreement and the ACS Technologies Privacy and Security Policy. When support individuals leave the employment of ACS Technologies, immediate measures are taken so that they cannot access any ACS Technologies computer systems.

Network Protection

  • Industry Standard Firewall is used with all activity limited to a two TCP port.
  • All connections to ports are authenticated by valid account and password.
  • Failed access attempts are logged and reviewed.
  • Best operating system and database security practices are followed.
  • Only software necessary to provide the service is running on the servers.

Physical Security

  • Co-location sites have barriers with 24x7 security.
  • Co-location equipment is locked in a facility with sensors and an alarm system.
  • All visitors require pre-authorization and identification.
  • Card access readers control access to the data facility.
  • All access to computer equipment is logged.

2.  Data Services

The Data Services Department does not and will not sell, rent, loan, or make available to any client or any other third party the names, addresses, or data received from our clients. Data received by the Data Services Department is held on a location to which only they have access. It is our standard operating procedure to keep a client’s data on that server for a period of six months after Data Services has completed their work on the client’s data. After six months, the data is deleted. 

3.  Promotional / Marketing Services

ACS Technologies collects certain information (such as name, email address, phone number, title, ministry goals, denomination, attendance, etc.) through our online forms to better communicate new services and solutions that best fit the needs of your organization. All online forms alert recipients if the information collected will be used to contact you regarding your inquiry and ACS Technologies solutions.  

At any time, you can choose to opt-out of these promotional emails by following the opt-out instructions at the bottom of the email you no longer wish to receive.   You can also call Support at 1.800.669.2509 and request to be removed from all promotional communications or pick and chose which types you still want to receive such as support, training or product development announcements.

Opt-out does not apply to the receipt of mandatory service communications that are considered part of certain ACS Technologies services, which you may receive periodically unless you cancel the service. 

4.  Governing Law

This Privacy Policy and your rights and ACS Technologies' responsibilities hereunder are governed by the laws of the State of South Carolina and federal United States law, as may be applicable to disputes solely between South Carolina State residents concerning subject matter located entirely within the State of South Carolina.  In the event of any dispute involving this Privacy Policy, you agree to submit to personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in the State South Carolina, Florence County.

Last Published: October 17, 2012 4:33 PM
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