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Data Services

Our clients frequently ask us for assistance with their data after they have experienced some sort of change or event. In fact, unlike most software providers in our industry, we have well-trained experts who continually help our clients solve matters regarding their unique data management needs.  Data Services helps you address specific issues relating to your actual data and database files, whereas Client Support exists to help you with questions about using your Membership PLUS software. Our Data Services Team can help you with:

Upgrade Conversions

Using older versions
If you recently purchased a Membership PLUS Upgrade and are currently using an older version of Membership PLUS, Data Services may be able to help by performing an upgrade conversion of your data.  Versions 9-11 can usually be performed by the user.  Earlier versions require in-house conversions.  Pictorial Directory conversion from versions earlier than 11 require in-house conversion or recreation of directory by the user.   

Data Correction

We all make mistakes
Sometimes we make mistakes that we want to delete completely from the database, or we realize we’ve just made mistakes in how we originally set up our data. Data Services can help!

Data Repair

Sometimes things just happen
Power surges, network failures, improper shutdowns, etc. can cause corruption or even data loss. Data Services can help remedy these unfortunate situations by repairing your data files.

Third Party Conversions

Conversions don’t have to be complicated
If you are using another product, Data Services may be able to convert all or part of your data to reduce the amount of data entry in Membership PLUS.

Custom Reports

When what you need isn’t there
Get professionally designed reports to meet your specific needs.

Pricing Information

To complete a data conversion, an Internet connection is required. Normal turn-around time for data services to complete your request is 7 – 10 business days* from the time data is received. Rush is available for an additional fee, and has an approximate 3 business day* turn-around time.

To speak with a Data Services representative for more information or for pricing please call 843.413.8334.

*Business days are defined as 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Monday - Friday.

In conjunction with our Corporate Privacy & Security Policy, we do not and will not sell, rent, loan, or make available to any client or any other third party the names, addresses, or data received from our clients. Data received by the Data Services Department is held on a server to which only they have access. It is our standard operating procedure to keep a client’s data on that server for a period of six months after Data Services has completed their work on the client’s data. After six months the data is deleted. 

Last Published: July 20, 2012 2:29 PM
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