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Realm clients can send automated telephone messages quickly and easily to people in your database. Choose the PhoneTree model that best meets your needs:

PhoneTree VoiceWave

An easy-to-use, affordable, single-message calling solution, offering many advanced features with the flexibility of multiple phone lines. Operation is so simple, you can start calling within minutes of taking the unit out of the box. You just record another message for the next job, import your list, and start calling.

Buy PhoneTree 2100 Now
  • Multiple area codes? Long-distance or local? Metro dialing? PhoneTree’s dialing translator easily handles any type of number.
  • PhoneTree “remembers” to try again later, attempting busy lines sooner than those not answered, just as you would.
  • By using multiple phones lines, you can reach large numbers of people in a fraction of the time otherwise required for a person to make the same number of calls.
  • Make sure your calls aren’t lost in the “kid zone” by having call recipients press “9” to play your message after hearing your greeting.
  • Comes as a one-line unit, with the option to purchase an additional line.

PhoneTree VoiceWave Plus

With a host of features for a wide variety of applications, PhoneTree VoiceWave Plus is the best choice for busy, growing organizations who need both power and flexibility. PhoneTree VoiceWave Plus has the unique ability to allow multiple call sessions at one time – even if using only one phone line. There is no need to wait to finish a call job before starting a new one – the VoiceWave Plus can handle all your calls at once.

Buy PhoneTree 2500 Now
  • Reach large numbers of people quickly with multiple, simultaneous call sessions using up to 32 phone lines at once.
  • Choose which job is called first, in case of emergencies or other time-critical situations.
  • Receive feedback via touch-tone reply: “Press ‘1’ if you can attend Saturday’s picnic ... Using your touch-tone keypad, enter the number of guests you plan to bring ...”
  • Start calls from any computer on your network – no need to work from only one PC.
  • Send companion e-mail and text messages along with your calls at the same time, giving your messages the best chance of getting through.
  • Full-featured multilingual capability allows you to send messages in different languages within one call session.
  • Comes as a one-line unit, with the option to purchase additional lines.

PhoneTree VoiceWave Premium

A full-featured, fully-customizable, and complete telephone messaging solution. Unique to the VoiceWave Premium is PhoneTree's Flex Fields feature, which lets you construct messages section- by-section, based on your existing data. Along with all the features of the VoiceWave Plus, plus unlimited list capacity, unlimited calls per session, text to speech, full remote access and custom call-in information lines, the PhoneTree VoiceWave Premium is an automated messaging powerhouse.

Buy PhoneTree 3500 Now
  • Flex Fields let you deliver flexible messages like, “Hello. This is Dr. Jones calling for [NAME] to remind you of {EVENT] on [DATE] at [TIME].”
  • Reach large numbers of people quickly with multiple, simultaneous call sessions using up to 48 phone lines at once.
  • If a call is at first unanswered, you can attempt alternate phone numbers (cell, pager, etc.).
  • Make a professional, memorable impression on those being called with highly-personalized messages, requiring only minimal setup.
  • Comes as a two-line unit, with the option to purchase 46 additional lines.


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